Design-Build Project 240200-4 (Map Section 8) – From Orange Boulevard to East of Rinehart Road


This project is to design 2.63 miles of limited access toll road from Orange Boulevard to east of Rinehart Road. The project will include the new Wekiva Parkway interchange at I-4 that will connect with State Road 417, completing the beltway around Central Florida. Work will include designing bridges, drainage, lighting, sign and pavement markings, utilities and other roadway features.


Project Schedule:

Procurement: 2017

Design-Build Start: 2018

Project Duration: 24 months


Section 8 Right of Way Map_60 Percent


Section 8 Draft Roadway Plans_Profiles_March 2016

Section 8 Draft Roadway Plans_Cross Sections_March 2016


Wekiva 3D Typical

Section 8 Draft Drainage Report Pt 1_March 2016

Section 8 Draft Drainage Report Pt 2_March 2016

Section 8 Draft Drainage Report Pt 3_March 2016


Section 8 Draft Design Document March 2016


Section 8 Updated Utility Summary Report March 2016


Section 8 Soil Survey

Section 8 Stuctures Geotechnical Report


Section 8 Value Engineering Study_Final Report September 2014

Section 8 Value Engineering Study_Recommendation Presentation September 2014


Final 15% Line and Grade Section 8, July 12, 2013


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